The Long Eaton & District Talking Newspaper along with and many other Talking Newspapers started recording some 41 years ago back in 1978, on spool to spool tape recorders.

Recordings then had to be copied onto individual tape spools to send out to listeners.

As time and technology moved on, Talking Newspapers nationwide all moved to record onto cassettes.

Some 7 years ago, in 2012, technology had again moved on a pace, and like many other Talking Newspapers, the decision was made to embrace the digital age.

The Trustees plan was to change the recording process to record onto a laptop computer, save the recording to a master memory stick that could then be duplicated onto memory stocks to post out to their listeners.

This meant they needed to purchase two lap tops, memory sticks and fast copying memory stick duplicating machines.

The Trustees agreed to apply to the Big Lottery Fund for a grant to enable them to purchase this equipment.

Their Honorary Treasurer, Brian Stevenson was the one tasked to put the grant application together.

Brian spent many happy hours completing the application form and everyone was delighted that his efforts paid off in style.

The equipment was purchased and the rest, as they say is history – well nearly.

Recently the fast copying memory stick duplicators have started to cause issues, which made fast copying often trying to put it mildly.

Brian spent a great deal of time looking for solutions, but soon came to the conclusion that these fast copying duplicators were irreparable and had to be replaced.

The cost involved in purchasing new equipment meant that it became necessary to apply to the Big Lottery Fund again.

Brian did the necessary exhaustive form filling and we are delighted to announce that he has been successful with this application for the second time.

This means that new fast copying memory stick duplicators will be purchased.

This therefore ensures that our service to our listeners can continue for some years to come.

The Talking Newspaper wishes to say a huge thank you to their Honorary Treasurer, Brian Stevenson for all his hard work.

2nd July 2019