The Long Eaton & District Talking Newspaper
for the Blind & Partially Sighted

The Long Eaton & District Talking Newspaper for the Blind & Partially Sighted will be making its normal recording this coming Thursday but under very unusual circumstances of course.
Because of the Coronavirus, the church hall we normally use for our recordings is currently closed, which means that we’re operating a skeleton team out of our homes until further notice.

Our team on Thursday will consist of Ruth Dolby, Anne Payne & Jane Oseman in the “back room”.
Jane & I have been recording the news stories in our homes.
Peter Rankin has played his part in supplying the Master memory stick with our News Stories & the Magazines programmes on that we offer, to help keep our 200 plus listeners up to date with their serials and what’s going on in the world.

We are only too aware, that we are living in difficult times, but nevertheless we at the Long Eaton Talking Newspaper are determined to keep operating because we know how much our listeners both rely on and love what we offer – we are in so many ways, their “window on the world”.

Be assured that we are doing everything we can to ensure our volunteers and listeners safety. Volunteers will wear special gloves and use Sterile Moist Wipes to ensure that all memory sticks and pouches are thoroughly cleansed before listeners receive them, and for this reason, they may be a day or so late in arriving.

We’re hugely grateful to Ruth, Anne, Jane & Peter for everything they’re doing to help us keep our listeners informed and entertained.

We plan to continue in this way on a fortnightly basis, until life returns to normal or as long as there are no more Government restrictions.

If the Government impose a “Lockdown” for us all, then this could be our last recording, but fingers crossed that won’t happen.

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